Kunle Adeyemi's school
A school built in Makoko, in Lagos designed by Kunle Adeyemi.

‘The human endeavor of survival, above all.’



P & B @ gobleki tepe

P & B @ gobleki tepe

Gobleiki Tepe is the oldest built structure ever found. It was built 11,600 years ago in Mesopotamia, and it is possible that a mutation in wheat was the catalyst which created this first urban centre.

Previously when harvested the wheat seeds would fall off when picked up. This means that wheat -and bread- was not a more sustainable food source than anything else, such as hunting. The mutation caused the seeds to ‘stick’ to the stalk so that they could be gathered and then farmed. This is the first food source that could be easily farmed, and now people could settle down and live in one spot. The ability to live in one place and not be nomadic is the beginning of civilization as we know it.

Powers of Ten by Ray & Charles Eames, made for IBM in 1977.
Note: Video includes as a main feature one of the most important human inventions/ideas: – ‘0’.

A start to a possible design methodology?



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